This book is an effective and unpretentious demonstration of how its subject can be transmuted into a printed work with simplicity and restraint. In this case the author Frans Sturkenboom, himself a former architect, takes us with him into the world of modern architecture. His thesis is that the central focus of architecture today is no longer the space in and around a building but the perception of surfaces. He places this in the art-historical perspective of mannerism, a style of the late Renaissance which, in architecture more than anywhere else, is a portrayal of dynamic (for example in the form of texture or transitions). 


The elaboration of this idea will be found literally on every surface in the book: Curious Matter for the cover stock, with its almost concrete-like feel; the page layout; the baroque folios, and even the EAN – here, contrarily, placed on the front cover – all contribute to the theme of the book. The typography of the main matter is most attractive and the balance between text and image is very good. The many smaller illustrations have been placed in the inner margin – not a problem, as the book lies open well. At the same time these design choices fit in seamlessly with the book’s theme.


Curiously enough, we almost overlooked this modest book. What a missed chance that would have been.


Author Hanneke Gelderblom, Ed van Hinte

Year 2017

Language English, Dutch, French; translated by Art English, Michael Meert

Edited by Eleonoor Jap Sam

Publisher Jap Sam Books, Heijningen

Designer Studio Renate Boere, Den Haag; picture editing by Lizan Freijsen, Studio Renate Boere

Prepress Graphius, Gent (BE)

Printer Graphius, Gent (BE)

Binder Graphius, Gent (BE)

Size 230 x 300 x 18

Number of pages 248 p.

Print run 1,500

Price € € 28,00

ISBN 978 94 90322 77 9

Font Akkurat (Lineto)

Binding style sewn soft cover with a dust jacket folded in the American style; blind embossing on the cover

Material 120gsm Munken Lynx Rough, 60 gsm Opakal, 135 gsm Magno Volume (interior); 150gsm/300gsm Munken Lynx Rough (cover)