This is not a graphic novel, nor is it a cartoon or a children’s book, but a proper picture book for adults. The story is small but with the fullness of the illustrations, done in pen and black ink, it feels like a more elaborate work. The whole thing has been put with great sophistication. The drawing on the cover runs over into the interior across the endpapers, the annoying EAN code required by law being squirrelled away as a poster on a bus shelter that is part of the drawing. The choice of paper displays the illustrations beautifully and the book has been superbly bound, as a result of which it falls open nicely. 


The publishers are Van Oorschot, but in terms of production it was made possible entirely by crowdfunding, artist and author Floris Tilanus having raised the money for printer, designer and binder inside five days. We’re not surprised: his work is most attractive.

Author Floris Tilanus

Year 2017

Language Dutch

Edited by Menno Hartman

Publisher Uitgeverij Van Oorschot, Amsterdam

Designer Tessa van der Waals, Amsterdam

Prepress Drukkerij robstolk, Amsterdam

Printer Drukkerij robstolk, Amsterdam

Binder Van Waarden, Zaandam

Size 190 x 170 x 4

Number of pages 36 p.

Print run 1,300

Price € € 16.50

ISBN 978 90 28270 72 5

Font Fakt, Thomas Thiemich, Ourtype; DTL Nobel, Dutch Type Library

Binding style sewn hardback with flat spine, thin boards with minimal square; the first and last pages are the endpapers

Material 130gsm Arcoprint Edizioni 1.7 Avorio (Fedrigoni) (interior); 120gsm Arcoprint Edizioni 1.3 Avorio (Fedrigoni) with matt silver foil stamping on spine and front (Crown), over 1.5 mm grey board