The panel were highly enthusiastic about this fantastic nostalgic report, which after due discussion was unanimously and wholeheartedly added to the selection. The mix of page-filling photos and contact sheets was felt to be most agreeable, and the typography has been used to great effect. The only regrettable points were felt to be the unnecessarily heavy American-style folded dust jacket, the slightly over-thick paper, the difficulty of locating the titles to the photos, and a few technical slips. The picture sequence is a filmic feast, a concatenation of surprises that is reinforced by the bleeding of some images to the next page. Thanks to the nature and tremendous variety of its contents this hefty book takes on the character of an extremely good magazine.

Author Robert M. Rubin, Marianne Le Galliard

Year 2016

Language English/French, Hélène Tronc (FR)/Molly Stevens (US)

Edited by Nicole Jedinak; Gwennina Lussot, Isabelle Le Jeune, Marianne Le Galliard (picture editing)

Publisher Abrams, New York (US), Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris (FR)

Designer COMA Amsterdam/New York (Cornelia Blatter, Marcel Hermans)

Prepress Echelon Color, Los Angeles

Printer ORO Graphic Project Management, Koekange

Binder Boekbinderij Abbringh

Size 150 x 185 x 57

Number of pages 800 p.

Print run 6,000 (FR) / 10,000 (US)

Price € 59 (40 US Dollar)

ISBN 978 2 7177 2718 0 (FR) / 978 1 4197 2600 2 (US)

Font New Fournier BP (Swiss typefaces), Gill Sans (Monotype)

Binding style Sewn hardback with a rounded spine. Dust jacket folded in the American style.

Material 120gsm Munken Polar, 130gsm MultiArt Gloss (interior); 170gsm Munken Polar (endpapers); 150gsm Munken Polar over 2 mm grey board (binding); 120gsm Munken Polar (dust jacket)