Suicide is a recurrent theme in the entries for 2016. Opening this book one immediately feels the sense of threat emanating from it, with its black-and-white photos painting a picture of a desolate urban landscape. Contrasting with them are smaller insets, booklet-like elements in which the essential building blocks are colour photos. These colour sections contain photos of those who have been left behind, who here provide brief outlines of the events surrounding the suicides of people who were once part of their lives. The atmosphere of intimacy that speaks from these small inserted sections is tangible. Form and content are wholly congruent. At Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt (Best Book Design from all over the World) in Leipzig this book won a silver medal.



Silver medal Best Book Design from all over the World, Leipzig 2017

Year 2016

Language English, translated by Joy Philips

Edited by Christel Don

Publisher The Eriskay Connection, Breda

Designer Rob van Hoesel, Peter Dekens

Prepress Colour & Books, Apeldoorn (Sebastiaan Hanekroot)

Printer Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort (printed on various page sizes; black a mix of two tones)

Binder Patist, Den Dolder

Size 208 x 290 x 10

Number of pages 144 p.

Print run 600

Price € 25

ISBN 978 94 92051 18 9

Font Neutral (Typotheque)

Binding style self-cover, centre sewn

Material 80gsm Z-offset Rough 1.4, 130gsm Lessebo Design 1.3 White