The picture editing in this elegant little book is perfect, and just the right paper (including IBO One 60gsm) has been chosen for the subject. With all its sophisticated simplicity it is an uncommonly mature and agreeable book, in the design of which everything is precisely balanced. The result is wonderfully subtle.

Author Emilie Pallard, Niels Heymans, Makiko Shinoda

Year 2016

Language English, translated by Sander Manse

Publisher Emilie Pallard & Niels Heymans, Amsterdam

Designer Fält (Daniel Flodin, Jesper Canell), Amsterdam / Stockholm

Prepress Lenoirschuring, Amsterdam

Printer Lenoirschuring, Amsterdam

Binder J. Voetelink & Zoon, Haarlem

Size 160 x 240 x 5

Number of pages 50 p.

Print run 250

Price € 25

ISBN 978 90 903003 2 0

Font Neue Haas Unica (Linotype)

Binding style Stapled soft cover with dust jacket folded in the American style

Material 120gsm Munken Lynx Rough (interior); 175gsm Colorplan Vellum White (cover)