It’s difficult to apply non-typography with a cheerful face, as has been done here, but the designer of this incredibly attractive book has managed it. One panel member observed: ‘The typography here is so ugly it’s beautiful, so it works.’ Coupled with the interview format, the size of the brief texts beneath the almost full-page illustrations makes them a pleasure to read. At first sight the choice of Chinese/Japanese binding seems odd, but on reflection it does make the style a sort of harmonica fold, and that fits with the subject. The supple way the book opens even with four different sorts of paper reinforces this impression. A good book about design, without its own design being obtrusive.

Author Jeroen Junte, Ida van Zijl

Year 2016

Language English, translated by Willem Kramer

Publisher Lecturis, Eindhoven

Designer Niessen & de Vries (Esther de Vries)

Prepress Marc Gijzen imaging and digital lithography, Voorburg

Printer Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort, Spant Zeefdruk, Utrecht (cover)

Binder Patist, Den Dolder

Size 165 x 235 x 20

Number of pages 208 p. (416 pages bound in Japanese style)

Print run 1,500

Price € 32.50

ISBN 978 94 6226 153 2

Font Agipo (RP Digital Type Foundry)

Binding style unsewn Patabind

Material 90gsm Maxigloss, 90gsm Lessebo Design 1.3 White, 80gsm Cyclus Offset, 80gsm Sirio Color Limone (interior), Buckram Premium 29031 (cover)