A photobook that provides much viewing enjoyment. It has a conventional beauty and elegance that is now seldom encountered. Exceptionally well lithographed and printed, and traditionally made with faintly tinted paper and laid endpapers, yet without appearing old-fashioned. This is in the best tradition of really well produced books: a breath of fresh air, a calm backwater in the vast ocean of photobooks. Its conventional monochrome is unobtrusive: much would have been lost by printing in colour. The modern cover is in pleasant contrast.

Year 2016

Language English, Dutch

Edited by Thomas Manneke, Ilya Rabinovich (picture editing)

Publisher Thomas Manneke, Amsterdam

Designer Van Lennep (Stephan Achterberg)

Prepress Harold Strak, Amsterdam

Printer Tienkamp, Groningen

Binder Van Waarden, Zaandam

Size 306 x 306 x 12

Number of pages 84 p.

Print run 1,000

Price € 38

ISBN none

Font Practice (Medium Xbold)

Binding style sewn hardback with a flat spine

Material 135gsm Symbol Tatami Ivory (interior), 160gsm Fabriano Ingres Ghiaccio (endpapers), 120gsm Wibalin Natural 501 Cotton White over 2 mm grey board (binding)