This book focuses on seventy items in the collection of Dutch photobooks assembled by Jan Wingender from 1956 onwards. It is a substantial volume and near the beginning there is a timeline that can be folded out to six times page width. This is visually very effective, the space being well used so that the thumbnails don’t drown in the whiteness of the pages. The design of a book displaying such typographical diversity has to provide stability and guidance without becoming obtrusive and shouting down the subjects. In this regard the book excels. Despite the small type the technical information is clear, legible and very complete. The panel did find the cover somewhat uninspiring and one member thought the whiteness of the paper a little too much of a good thing – but this is a solid book on an interesting subject.

Year 2016

Language English, translated by Karen Gamester

Publisher Uitgeverij Komma, The Hague

Designer Typography Interiority & Other Serious Matters, photography by Bart Sorgedrager

Prepress Hans Bol, Ooij, Jan Zweerts, The Hague

Printer ANDO Graphic, The Hague

Binder Callenbach Boekbinders, Zwolle

Size 220 x 260 x 20

Number of pages 280 p.

Print run 850

Price € 49.50

ISBN 978 94 91525 54 4

Font Whitney (Hoefler Type Foundry)

Binding style sewn hardback, book block and binding cut flush at head, front and tail

Material 120gsm Munken Polar (interior), 120gsm Pop’Set Extra Black (endpapers), 135gsm Curious Matter Desirée Red over 2 mm black hardboard (binding printed with black and silver)