This book, the second photobook in the selection not to have a photo on the cover, is held together by only a single stitched thread. It’s a clever choice that testifies to someone having the guts to do it this way. The tremendous sympathy for the individuals who appear in it is manifest in the picture selection. Both typography and printing are most agreeable. The only thing to detract from the whole is the paper chosen for the text: it is far too white. The panel were aware that this style of binding does nothing to help sales, but thought the print run of only 175 copies something of a waste of all that work.This special book deserves a large audience!

Author Rose Ieneke van Kalsbeek, Thomas Kandó

Year 2016

Language English, Dutch, translated by Hans Bol, Fox in the Field Translations (Voske op het Veld)

Edited by Hans Bol, Koos Breukel, Rose Ieneke van Kalsbeek (picture editing), Hans Bol, Flip Bool (copy editing)

Publisher Recto Verso, Ooij

Designer Margot Wolters, Arnhem

Prepress GLD Grafimedia, Arnhem

Printer GLD Grafimedia, Arnhem (digital printing on a HP Indigo Press)

Binder Brown Cartonnages, Arnhem (cover hand screenprinted)

Size 200 x 270 x 10

Number of pages 88 p.

Print run 175

Price € 32.50

ISBN 978 90 808767 3 6

Font HT Impara Light (Fontshop)

Binding style centre stitching

Material 100gsm Multidesign Original White, 130gsm Multidesign Naturel (interior), 250gsm Materica Verdigris (cover)