This book about the work of artist Thomas Raat shows how he transforms everyday objects like chairs, mirrors, doors and furniture frames into works of art. The alternation of glossy and uncoated paper is striking, and there is even brown kraft – a nod in the direction of Willem Sandberg. Here, show-through on the semitransparent EOS paper is permitted. It’s almost too neat: there’s not a disruptive element to be seen anywhere, though there could easily have been with a subject like this. The simplicity is wicked and the photography has been particularly beautifully done.

Author Maria Barnas

Year 2016

Language English, translated by John Bezold

Edited by Edwin van Gelder

Publisher Onomatopee, Eindhoven

Designer Mainstudio (Edwin van Gelder), photographs by Benjamin van Witsen

Prepress Lenoirschuring, Amsterdam

Printer Lenoirschuring, Amsterdam

Binder Patist, Den Dolder

Size 240 x 340 x 9

Number of pages 112 p.

Print run 500

Price € 25

ISBN 978 94 91677 52 6

Font Founders Grotesk Medium (Klim Foundry)

Binding style sewn with front and back cover, and white crepe paper glued on the spine; dust jacket

Material 150gsm Cocoon Gloss, 90gsm Cairn Natural Kraft, 120gsm EOS 2.0 (interior), 400gsm Munken Pure (cover), 110gsm Starkraft (dust jacket)