A collection of visual essays and opinions relating to American architecture and urban construction. In this very well printed book the photographs on coated and the typography on rough paper complement one another nicely. Silver opening photos lead you straight into the book. The images of the richness of things make a good combination with the tight design. This isn’t just a photobook: it’s an architectural overview in which effective photography and clear typography come together in an extraordinary way.

Author Fabrizio Gallanti

Year 2016

Language English / Spanish, translated by Mark Gimson, J. Roderick O’Donovan / Ismael Attrache, Emilia Pérez Mata, Moisés Puente

Edited by Moisés Puente; Marta Ariza, Ricardo Devesa (picture editing)

Publisher IITAC Press, Chicago (US), Actar Publishers, New York City (US) / IITAC Press, Chicago (US), Editorial Gustavo Gili, Barcelona (ES)

Designer Mainstudio (Edwin van Gelder, Philipp Möckli)

Prepress Unicum by Gianotten (Gerrie van Beek), Tilburg

Printer Unicum by Gianotten, Tilburg (Binding material printed in offset. The American edition printed in two passes in Pantone silver and one in black, the Spanish edition in two passes black and one in Pantone silver. The endpapers and the first and last eight pages of the interior are printed in full colour and Pantone silver.)

Binder Brepols Books & Bindery, Turnhout

Size 200 x 270 x 32

Number of pages 444 p.

Print run 3,000 (US) / 1,150 (ES)

Price € 40

ISBN 978 1 945150 01 2 (US) / 978 84 252 2997 8 (ES)

Font Practice (Optimo Type Foundry)

Binding style Sewn hardback with a flat spine

Material 115gsm Symbol Freelife Satin Premium White, 120gsm Munken Polar Rough 1.4 (interior); 170gsm Symbol Freelife Satin Premium White (endpapers); Brillianta Calandré 34001, over 2.5 mm grey board (binding)