The panel thought this a very good production in which the academy issues a statement promoting or on behalf of newly qualified alumni and alumnae. In fact, that is really the point of a graduation catalogue. A position is taken by employing an external studio to make it. Even though it would have been a good graduation task, with a publication like this new graduates automatically gain international exposure. Direction was clearly very tight in all areas. The design is simple and clear. The cover of each of the 2,500 books is unique thanks to some conspicuous fragments of hand-sprayed dayglow lettering.

Year 2016

Language English, translated by Wendy Lubberding, Hans van der Lugt

Edited by Tessa Lantinga and Bas van Raay (coordination)

Publisher Design Academy Eindhoven

Designer Haller Brun

Prepress robstolk, Amsterdam

Printer Rodi Rotatie, Diemen (printed in waterless web offset), robstolk, Amsterdam (unique covers, hand-sprayed using spray cans)

Binder Patist, Den Dolder

Size 240 x 340 x 19

Number of pages 480 p.

Print run 2,500

Price € 30

ISBN 978 94 91400 27 8

Font Akzidenz Grotesk Pro (H. Berthold Type Foundry)

Binding style unsewn hardback with a flat spine, cold-glued, thin boards with minimal square; the fore-edge has not been trimmed

Material 60gsm UPM matt (interior), 200gsm Cyclus Offset (endpapers), 115gsm Wibalin Buckram 500 White over 1.5 mm grey board (binding)