How wonderful it must have been for all those involved over the past few years in the collaborative research venture FUR (Future Urban Regions) set up by six Dutch architecture academies in order to see the results of their research brought together as effectively as here. A broad-based study of pressing urban problems inevitably entails having a wide range of source material, including cartography, photography and texts on several levels. In terms of graphic design and printing, here all that material has been well assembled: the small maps have been elegantly designed, photographs have been used effectively and the texts have been set in a nicely coherent, almost official way. 


The broadly pink pages that from time to time offer a kind of breathing space have not been designed from the ground up, as it were, but are imaginative variants of the cover; they effectively lift the whole to a higher level. The concept is further bolstered by various colours of paper. Happily as regards the cover itself there has been no obeisance to laminate. Instead, the somewhat maverick choice is uncoated pink paper with among other things a fine opaque white. The book does have a tendency to shut itself. Perhaps next time it would be better to choose cold gluing for the finish: that is what a book that has had so much care lavished on it in so many departments really deserves.

Author Sandra van Assen et al.

Year 2017

Language Dutch / English, translated by In Other Words, D’Laine Camp, Jesse van der Hoeven, Maria van Tol

Edited by picture editing by Willemijn Lofvers, Pia Pol

Publisher Trancity x Valiz, Amsterdam

Designer Catalogtree, Arnhem / Berlijn (DE); photographs by Jannes Linders

Prepress Colorset, Amsterdam

Printer Wilco BV| Boeken & Tijdschriften, Amersfoort

Binder Wilco BV| Boeken & Tijdschriften, Amersfoort

Size 160 x 240 x 24

Number of pages 319 p.

Print run 2,000

Price € € 27,50

ISBN 978 94 92095 32 9 (NL); 978 94 92095 33 6 (ENG)

Font GT Sectra (Grilli Type), Akkurat (Lineto)

Material 120gms Amber Graphic (Antalis) (interior); 250gms CLA Roze (Papyrus) (cover)