33 Best Dutch Book Designs 2016



March 3, 2017


Publishers, commisioners, designers, printers and binders have submitted 298 books in total. 33 books distinguished themselves conspicuously by their editorial choices, graphic design, treatment of images and text, choice of material and technical workmanship.

The panel of judges consists this year of designers Yolanda Huntelaar and Remco van Bladel, Freek Kuin (creative director Robstolk printers), Eelco van Welie (CEO nai010 publishers) and Carolien Glazenburg (curator Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam).  

The Dutch selection has been sent to the international competition Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt in Leipzig. March 9 the winners will be announced.

Since last year a panel of students of five art academies judges all the submissions as well.  The selection of these future bookmakers will be announced at June 1.


Olafur Eliasson “Versailles”

Designer: Irma Boom | Production: Lenoirschuring, Boekbinderij Patist | Publisher: Studio Olafur Eliasson GmbH


Famke & Floor van Praag - Shortlist Amsterdam

Designer: Vanessa van Dam | Production: Wilco Printing & Binding | Publisher: Caperleaves


Batia Suter - Parallel Encyclopedia #2

Designer: Roger Willems | Production: Wilco Printing & Binding | Publisher: ROMA Publications


Karel Martens - Prints

Designer: Karel Martens | Production: Die Keure (BE), Handboekbinderij Geertsen | Publisher: ROMA Publications


Robert M. Rubin, Marianne Le Galliard - Avedon’s France: Old World, New Look

Designer: COMA Amsterdam/New York (Cornelia Blatter and Marcel Hermans) | Production: ORO Graphic Project Management, Boekbinderij Abbringh | Publisher: Abrams, New York; Bibliothèque nationale de France


Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling

Designer: Studio Ron van Roon (Bart Rouwhorst)| Production: Royal Jongbloed | Publisher: Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap


Karin Trenkel - Schöne Aussichten

Designer: High Rise (Daphne Heemskerk) | Production: Tripiti, Binderij Kiel, KarinTrenkel | Publisher: CBK Rotterdam


Tejo Remy & Rene Veenhuizen - The World = Our Toolkit

Designer: Esther de Vries | Production: Marc Gijzen, Wilco Art Books, Boekbinderij Patist | Publisher: Lecturis


Thomas Raat - Archetypes and Residues

Designer: Mainstudio (Edwin van Gelder) | Production: Lenoirschuring | Publisher: Onomatopee


Sophieke Thurmer and Esther Hessing - Bound to the Ground

Designer: Rob van Hoesel and Carel Fransen | Production: Sebastian Hanekroot, Grafiplaza, Binderij Hexspoor | Publisher: The Eriskay Connection


Laura Hospes - UCP

Designer: Laura Hospes | Production: Wilco Art Books | Publisher: Lecturis


Laura van Severen – LAND. On the Brink of Some Formidably Complex Matter

Designer: Rob van Hoesel | Production: Graphius (BE)| Publisher: The Eriskay Connection


Fabrizio Gallanti, Wiel Arets - MCHAP the Americas

Designer: Mainstudio (Edwin van Gelder and Philipp Möckli) | Production: Unicum by Gianotten, Brepols Books & Bindery (BE) | Publisher: Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago


Chrystel Lebas - Field Studies, Walking through Landscapes and Archives

Designer: Hans Gremmen | Production: Marc Gijzen, Drukkerij Mart. Spruijt, Boekbinderij Patist | Publisher: Fw:Books




Hinde Haest - 1/100 Dutch Photographic Publications from the Wingender Collection

Designer: Typography Interiority & Other Serious Matters (Els Kerremans) | Production: Hans Bol, Jan Zweerts , ANDO Graphic, Callenbach boekbinders| Publisher: Komma


Peter Dekens - (un)expected

Designer: Rob van Hoesel | Production: Sebastiaan Hanekroot, Wilco Art Books, Boekbinderij Patist |

Publisher: The Eriskay Connection


Anne Geene & Arjan de Nooy - Ornithology

Designer: Jeremy Jansen | Production: Drukkerij Tielen, Binderij Hexspoor | Publisher: de HEF


Anne Frank Stichting / Menno Metselaar - Dromen, denken, schrijven

Designer: Joseph Plateau (Eliane Beyer, Wouter van Eijk)|Production: Colorset (Marion Pothoff), Zwaan Printmedia, Boekbinderij Abbringh en Boekbinderij Patist | Publisher: Anne Frank Stichting


1:1:1 documentaries in print by Niessen & de Vries

Designer: Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries | Production: Sebastiaan Hanekroot, Drukkerij Mart. Spruijt, Boekbinderij Patist| Publisher: Boek


Thomas Manneke - Amsterdam

Designer: Van Lennep (Stephan Achterberg) | Production: Harold Strak, Drukkerij Tienkamp, Boekbinderij Van Waarden | Publisher: Thomas Manneke





Johannes Schwartz - The Athens Recorder

Designer: Experimental Jetset | Production: Rodi Rotatiedruk | Publisher: ROMA Publications


Bibi Dumon Tak and Annemarie van Haeringen - Siens hemel

Designer: Tessa van der Waals | Production: Drukkerij robstolk, Boekbinderij Van Waarden | Publisher: Em. Querido’s Kinderboeken Uitgeverij


Ata Kandó, Rose Ieneke van Kalsbeek and Tom Kandó - Ata Kandó: I shall use my time

Designer: Margot Wolters | Production: GLD Grafimedia, Brown Cartonnages | Publisher: Recto Verso


Erik Kriek - In the pines. 5 Murder Ballads

Designer: WSTNDRP Rob Westendorp | Production: Tim Beijer Producties; Wilco Printing & Binding, Handboekbinderij Geertsen | Publisher: Scratch Books


Martanke Rinck and Martijn van der Linden - Tangramkat

Designer: Marc Suvaal and Martijn van der Linden | Production: Eurasia, Alphen aan den Rijn | Publisher: Lemniscaat


Marijn van Kreij - Reclining Nude with a Man playing the Guitar

Designer: Irma Boom Office (Akiko Wakabayashi and Irma Boom)| Production: Lenoirschuring | Publisher: ABN AMRO Awards


In need of... Graduation 2016 Design Academy Eindhoven

Designer: Haller Brun | Production: Drukkerij Robstolk, Rodi Rotatiedruk, Boekbinderij Patist | Publisher: Design Academy Eindhoven






Lensvelt Contract Furniture / Space Encounters / Nienke Blokhuis - Boring Collection

Designer: Sanne Beeren | Production: Lenoirschuring, Boekbinderij Patist | Publisher: Lensvelt Contract Furniture


Karl Ove Knausgård – De vier seizoenen: Herfst and Winter (part 1 and 2)

Designer: Kris Demey, Jan Van Der Veken | Production: Ucello, Wilco Printing & Binding | Publisher: De Geus


Lize Spit - Het smelt

Designer: Studio Vruchtvlees, Anne Lint | Production: Tim Beijer Producties; Wilco Printing & Binding | Publisher: Das Mag Uitgevers


Emily Dickinson & Edna St. Vincent Millay – Dwars Vers (translated by Ans Bouter)

Designer: Team Thursday (Simone Trum and Loes van Esch) | Production: Drukkerij Tielen, Binderij Hexspoor| Publisher: Ans Bouter and Benjamin Groothuyse


Marjanne van Helvert (ed.) - The Responsible Object: A History of Design Ideology for the Future

Designer: Ruben Pater | Production: Wilco Art Books (Mariska Bijl), Ten Brink | Publisher: Valiz


Emilie Pallard, Niels Heymans, Makiko Shinoda - Opening Traditions

Designer: Fält (Daniel Flodin and Jesper Canell) | Production: Lenoirschuring | Publisher: Emilie Pallard & Niels Heymans





Submission closed





The submission for The Best Dutch Book Design 2016 has been closed.

On Januari 26 and 27 the following panel of judges will make the annual selection: designers Yolanda Huntelaar and Remco van Bladel, Freek Kuin (creative director Robstolk printers), Eelco van Welie (director nai010 publishers) and Carolien Glazenburg (curator graphic desing Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam).

On March 3 The Best Dutch Book Designs 2016 will be announced.

Are you interested in joining the competition and do you want a reminder when the registration 2017 starts, please send an email to info@bestverzorgdeboeken.nl.  


Registration is open!



December 1, 2016


Registration for The Best Dutch Book Designs is open till Friday January 7. Publishers, designers, printers, artists, authors, academy students and other bookmakers can submit the books made in 2016. Out of all the registrations a professional panel of judges will select The Best Dutch Book Designs 2016. Up to 33 books can get the seal of approval. Digital books can also be registered.

What are the requirements? What is the submission fee? The answers can be found in the Regulations

The Dutch selection will be submitted to the international competition, The Best Book Designs from all over the World (Leipzig).  The Dutch and the international selection will be announched at March 3 2017. Later in the year the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam will exhibit the Dutch awards; the offical  catalogue will be published at the same time.

All the submitted books will be judged by professionals but also by a panel of students from five Dutch art academies. Their selection of 33 books will be shown at the student website and in a separate catalogue.

Register here.  Migration, 2015, Lynne Leegte (photo Gert Jan van Rooij)


Shanghai - Beijing - Moscow



September 27, 2016


The Best Book Designs from the Netherlands and Flanders are travelling around the world. They were exhibited at the Shanghai Book Fair (end of August) and the Russian National Book Festival 'Zhar-Kniga' (September 19 till 26). This week the books are still on display in Beijing where the Design Week is held.

Often the organizing institute invites Dutch designers to give a presentation or a workshop. In Shanghai Thomas Castro (LUST) and Titus Knegtel (winner Golden Letter Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt 2016) gave presentations as Haico Beukers and Marga Scholma did in Moscow.

Photo: Russian book lovers are inspecting the selection


Students are getting involved



September 5, 2016


The new policy of the Stichting The Best Book Designs is cranking up the exchange of ideas and experience between the next generation of book makers and the established order.


As part of this change in policy, this year saw entry fees waived for students at academies and colleges, and for new graduates. The books made by students are part of the total amount of entries and were examined in exactly the same way as other entries.


This year a student panel consisting of design students at Dutch and Flemish art academies and colleges were installed. They followed the same procedures as the professional panel and they presented also a comprehensive report. Both the selection and the judges’ report are being made available online (as an appendix to the Stichting’s website) and in a catalogue (www.bol.com). Catalogue and website have been designed as degree projects by Floor Weijs, Sander Molenaar, Lieke de Blank and Bernd de Ridder, all students at ArtEZ, the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design.  



Student panel: 
-Fay Asselbergs (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague)
-Barbara Bártková (Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam)
-Dieuwertje Luitse (ArtEZ, the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design)
-Josse Pyl (Flemish student at Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem)
-Victor Van Wassenhove (Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst/ LUCA School of Arts, Ghent)


Catalogue by Irma Boom is available



September 2, 2016


The brand new catalogue The Best  Book Designs from the Netherlands and Flanders 2015 | De Best Verzorgde Boeken van Nederland en Vlaanderen is available!


It is a typical Irma Boom product: powerful in all its simplicity. The book excells in great tactility thanks to the 60gsm paper (IBO ONE supplied by Igepa) that has been used for the interior and the double folded cover. The 33 Dutch and 17 Flemish books  are being presented in black and white photographs in 256 pages.


Irma Boom wrote especially for this catalogue a manifesto in which she presents herself as the passionate lover of paper books that she is. A must read.


The catalogue could be made because of the hard work of printer Tielen (Boxtel) and book binders Patis (Den Dolder( and Hexspoor (Boxtel). The paper was donated by Igepa.


Softcover € 29,50 | ISBN 978 90 5965 393 1 | 256 p. | 173 x 238 mm


Dutch-Flemish selection on display



September 2, 2016


The cultural season has started! One of the highlights is the exhibition of The Best Book Designs from the Netherlands and Flanders at the Stedelijk Museum. The books can be held and looked into. The exhibition runs until Sunday 30th October.


This year is a special edition: in addition to 33 Dutch books there are 17 Flemish books selected by a Dutch-Flemish jury. Why? Because the Netherlands and Flanders will be Guests of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. For this special occasion The Best Dutch Book Designs joined forces with Flanders. 


This afternoon the ceremony will be held where the authors, publishers, designers, lithographers, printers and binders of the selected books are going to be honored. They will receive a certificate and the catalogue which is designed by Irma Boom. Catalogue and books are for sale at the museum shop.


The ceremony starts with lectures and a discussion about the differences and similarities between Dutch and Flemish culture.


[photograph Stedelijk Museum / Gert Jan van Rooij]