Like many of their predecessors, this year’s panel had to observe with regret that ‘ordinary’ literary editions seldom make it through to the premier division of the Best Dutch Book Designs. The reason for this is the ambivalence that
characterizes so much literary output. Designed as they are by different specialists, the covers are governed by the laws of marketing and the interiors by those of efficiency.


In Nelleke Noordervliet’s novel Snijpunt, too, the interior and exterior designs have been drawn from different quivers. Even so, it is a nice example of how good a book can be. The text offers the reader a robust and legible typeface, not excessively long lines and not too many lines to the page. The design of the front cover and spine is purely typographic and to the point – something of a breath of fresh air in the sea of stock image covers – with the author’s well known name in a modestly small size on the front. The back cover consists only of a bled-off photograph of the author, and the vital bar code. On the flaps, compact and clear texts.

Say no more. Read.

Year 2008

Language Dutch

Publisher Augustus, Amsterdam/Antwerp

Designer Tessa van der Waals (cover), Suzan Beijer (typography)

Prepress Nauta en Haagen, Oss

Printer Koninklijke Wörhmann, Zutphen

Binder Koninklijke Wöhrmann, Zutphen

Size 140 x 210 x 31

Number of pages 383 p.

Print run 12,500

Price € 20

ISBN 978 90 4570 144 8

Font Anisette, Bodega Serif, Haarlemmer, Scala, Scala sans

Binding style unsewn soft cover with flaps

Material 80gsm Munken Premium, cream 1.5 (interior), 240gsm Invercote G (cover)